Asimi is the token currency used by the community at HashingAdSpace.

You earn or mint Asimi by creating a membership at HashingAdSpace. You can start as a free member so that you will be able to learn about asimi and how to mint coins. There are many information videos on the website and I would suggest that it would be beneficial to take time to watch all the videos.

It’s simple. Watch ads, get paid. No special equipment or expertise is required. By watching ads, you can earn newly minted tokens for that day and/or direct payments from our advertisers.

It is the act of watching ads in the Ad Minter, that “mints” tokens each day. Minting is the creation of new tokens to the marketplace. Asimi is a crypto based currency.

I have been a member since January and to be honest, at first, I found the website very confusing. The text is too light and if not for the training videos I would have been lost. I haven’t staked in HashingAdSpace(this is where you can earn more Asimi) but I will be staking in the near future.  Over the past few months I have been earning by watching ads.

In my opinion, HashingAdSpace will grow into a million or more members and the asimi token will increase in value.

Hashing Ad Space’s future will become increasingly decentralised via blockchain technology,offering more automation, control and flexibility to the community.

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To summarize

You watch ads

Registering for an account

To register for an account in Hashing Ad Space you will need a link from another member.  You were probably invited by a friend or you saw an ad about Hashing Ad Space. This is my referral name. stevewish

You can use this link to register: Register here

When you first register with Hashing Ad Space you may feel a bit overwhelmed with everything that has to be done.  There tutorials which will give you step by step instructions what you need to do to get started.

This guide includes information for Waves and Hashing Ad Space to help you get started.

First you will need an account in Waves Platform.  You can register an account with Waves ( using the link below.  Download the Desktop Wallet or Mobile App and be careful to write down the 15 word seed phrase in the exact order given, and keep it safe.  If you lose access to the device you downloaded your wallet to, or if your device becomes inoperable etc. you will have no access to your wallet or the funds in that wallet without this seed phrase.

You have several choices to use the Waves DEX : mobile app and wallet for iOS or Android, desktop for Window, Mac OS or Linux  or as an online web client.

We recommend you do not use the online client as it is the least secure.

After clicking the link above and accessing the site

Click on “Products”. Click here to go to tutorial

Access more tutorials here after you become a member. Just take your asimi journey one step at a time,.