Steps to follow

  • Go to Register or Login
  • Now that you are registered..Go to the Getting Started tab
  • Task 1: Verify Your Email Address –

  • Task 2: Completing Your Profile

  • Task 3: Adding Your Wallet..The steps are outlined on The Getting Started Page

  • Then go to The Overview page and listen to the videos

Please do not expect a miracle the first few months.. For me, and it should be for you, a  plan to provide for your future. For example,  Gofounders/Onpassive will be a massive business, when it is fully launched, The concept was begun in 2018 and people were joining because they believed and they knew it would take time to build and to grow. There are now over 65,000 Founders and there is no specific launch date but those who are in it will win big time.

Those of us who are committed to We Share Abundance will reap a harvest in due season, Take time to learn about the mission, the pools and staking. It will well worth your time..